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Important Announcement:

Introducing the InnerCircle - Community/Strategy/How To

Updated: July 9, 2017

I've partnered up with a business associate and digital investment expert to create a new site and introduce a new project to help crypto currency investors.

Our new project, called InnerCircle, is an online closed membership site where we are building a tight-knit community of like-minded crypto-investors and beginners to crypto-investing. As part of this community, members have access to our forum, our strategy section where we are publishing in-depth analysis and "picks" of upcoming ICO sales, and our How To section where we'll be continually adding video tutorials on the various steps required to be a cryptocurrency investor.

We are 100% committed to the InnerCircle and focusing on providing our best content, training, strategy guidance, engagement in the forum, and overall support and help to our members. This means all my energy will be focused on the InnerCircle rather than creating guides here ongoing.

Our Early Adopters Pass program, along with registration, is now closed. However you can still join a Wait List to be notified when we open registration again, sometime around August.

If you're really serious about cryptocurrency investing (by serious we don't mean you have experience, just that you are serious about being/becoming a smart and successful crypto investor), than feel free to join our Wait List and as soon as InnerCircle Registration is open again, we'll let you know.

We are looking for individuals who want to learn, grow, and participate in our community in a positive and constructive way to really be a part of all the good stuff we are offering and planning for the InnerCircle. If that's you, we look forward to getting you in and meeting you as soon as we open registration back up!


Ethadvisor - aka John Westbrook (reddit user: chickenbreth)

Latest Release:

How To Participate in an ICO Sale

Published: June 14, 2017
DM me in twitter with any questions

I just published my first version of the new ICO Crowdsale Participation guide for anyone who's wanting to invest in an upcoming ICO, but you just don't know how.

This 41 page, step by step and very thorough guide is mostly geared at showing you the technical steps involved so you can participate with confidence. However I've also included a section in the beginning where I touch on the subject of identifying a good ICO, red flags to be aware of and also a broad overview of what exactly an ICO is and how it works.

I hope it helps you and please let me know any feedback via twitter!


Ethadvisor (reddit user: chickenbreth)

Also Available:

Beginners Guide to Ether Investing

Published: May 21, 2017
DM me in twitter with any questions

I'm proud to annouce that I just finished and published the first version of my new guide to helping beginners or newbies to ethereum investing!

I wrote this 50 page very comprehensive guide to provide you with step-by-step instructions for buying ether, buying tokens, creating a wallet that's super secure, storing your coins, accessing your wallet, exchanges, and a lot more. It's more than step-by-steps, I also took a lot of time focusing on unwrapping the complexity and often "tech mystery" surrounding cryptocurrency, so you can understand all the steps and things you do from a broader and easy to understand well as the methodology of crypto investing, securing your personal data and lots and lots more.

This guide is available if you contact me below.

If you find it helpful and love it, follow me on twitter for more and for updates to this guide. And if you really love it and want to support what I'm doing, you can donate to the cause at the ETH address below!

Thanks and I truly hope you enjoy the guide and that it can really help you out!


Ethadvisor (reddit user: chickenbreth)

Access the Beginners Guide to Ether Investing one of two ways: